Foiling+Brush Pen Calligraphy Workshop

Foiling+Brush Pen Calligraphy Workshop

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Are you interested in learning brush pen calligraphy, but don’t know where to begin? Join my class and discover the techniques you need to know. The foundation of calligraphy using a brush pen is the primary focus of this class. No matter what type of calligraphy journey you are in, brush pen calligraphy is perfect for beginners.

During this workshop, Nehohmee marries the visual appeal of foiling with the understated beauty of watercolours in a this foiling workshop that will empower you with a shiny new technique to up your game in future gifting endeavours.

The class includes 4 hours of hands on practice, wherein you will find it enjoyable to learn every technique and make it a memorable part of your calligraphy experience

In this class, each participant will be given plenty of materials needed for this brush pen calligraphy class, including

1 Pentel Touch
1 Set of alphabet exemplar
1 Set of worksheets for practice
1 Blank Cards,

foiled Cards Aside from this, there is a card to be designed towards the end of the workshop.


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