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Naomi is very patient in teaching her students and would not shy from clarifying our doubts. She made sure that our foundation and techniques were correct and good! Love attending her classes and always looked forward to learning more from her!

Crystal Zara Koh (@crystalzara)

Re-learning how to write abcs is such a relaxing & therapeutic activity! Absolutely enjoyed the intimate session at Naomi's workshop this afternoon. Am pretty much hooked to calligraphy now

Neo Poh Ling (@tabletopics)

I attended Naomi's calligraphy class last Saturday. She is a genuinely warm person and was very patient with the class even though we had overshot the timing allotted to us. She pays close attention to details and makes enough time for every student.

Jeremy Lim

Attended Naomi's Calligraphy Class as my friend's Bridal Shower activity and had such a great time! Naomi is very approachable and passionate about teaching so it made it easy to ask her for help. Delicious treats were also provided during the workshop so it was like mini party for the bride-to-be! all in all, it was a very therapeutic and enriching weekend activity! 

Xiang Yuan Png (@xiangs)

Went for Naomi's class this Monday and thoroughly enjoyed myself even though it seemed like a loooong session, in fact time passed too quickly! What I love the most is that Naomi's so patient and willing to teach and share, which makes me feel lucky to be able to learn from one of the bests!!! Will definitely recommended anyone who's interested in modern calligraphy to attend her class!

Heidi Tay (@cake.rholic)

My first ever calligraphy class! Naomi was really patient and super encouraging. She was constantly checking everyone's progress to make sure we are following the class, and did her best to help us improve! She also gave us a cute keychain, a calligraphy pen, and a workbook pad to practice on - perfect starter kit.

Evanns (@hayzgal)

Would like to thank Naomi for meeting me on such an urgent notice! She is really nice, accommodating and patient throughout, not to mention I'm extremely pleased with her work! Couldn't thank you enough! You're such a lifesaver Naomi! Can't wait to attend your workshops!


The class is enjoyable and interesting. This is the first time I'm attending a Calligraphy lesson and this is a good starting place for people like us. Naomi is patient and would check on our progress regularly. I would recommend my friend to attend her lesson.

Wei Sheng Tan