About Us


Hi, I’m Naomi.

Calligraphy is not nearly as difficult as it first appears.
In fact, the art of calligraphy is inspiring.
It is empowering. It is therapeutic.

Learning this art opens doors to a lot of possibilities. You’ll be able to express yourself artistically. You will learn to create your own ave-the-dates, scrapbook layouts, love letters, invitations, envelopes and a lot more. The possibilities are endless. If you are looking for the right person to teach you the beautiful art of calligraphy, you’ve come to the right place.

In my classes, you’ll discover the fundamentals of learning, playing and exploring with brushes and watercolours.

I always make sure there is an atmosphere of life-giving creativity and fun in every workshop while teaching you how to blend colors, select proper brushes and paints and learn calligraphy in as easy as 1-2-3.

Now that you’ve found me, join me and discover how fun and easy calligraphy can be.

If not now, when? (: